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Technical Information




This Product is called the DREAM 1 and DREAM 2 because it is simple and it works. Here's how.

The stock exhaust unit on a Boxster or Cayman is a "T" shaped unit with opposing exhaust gas flows






 Exhaust Resistance

 and Turbulence

 Reduced Exhaust Resistance









The DREAM has dual radius pipes with an internal exhaust gas flow diverter. it eliminates the opposing gas turbulence of the stock unit for a smoother and more efficient exit of the exhaust gases.

Porsche CaymanBeautifully Simple! Resulting in:

● Improved exhaust flow

● Improved performance

● Improved gas mileage

Revs quicker

● Mellow sound

● No Drone


Sound Sample:

"Climbing Rev"

"Throttle Rev's"

Test Information

The test vehicle for the DREAM 1 is a 2007 2.7 liter Cayman.

Upon close examination of the stock exhaust system it was obvious that there was, in our opinion, a serious design flaw in the flow of the exhaust gases. 

The stock T exhaust accumulator is connected to the two mufflers in such a way that the exhaust gases are in direct conflict with each other.  This exhaust conflict results in power reducing turbulence.

The DREAM 1 with its dual radius pipes and internal exhaust gas flow diverter eliminates the opposing exhaust gas turbulence of the stock unit for a smoother and more efficient exit of the exhaust gases.Porsche Cayman Exhaust Dyno

The DREAM 1, installed on a Cayman, was tested on a Dynojet dynometer.  An average of three pulls on the dynometer produced the following results:

● Increase of 5.30 hp.   

● Increase of 2.56 lbft of torque.

This is real rear wheel horsepower and torque increases!

The Cayman now accelerates faster and runs smoother with the installation of the DREAM 1.

 "You can feel the difference".

We attended the 2009 Porsche Parade in Keystone, CO with the DREAM 1 installed. We drove 2,549 miles with the A/C on, averaged 62 mph and 29.4 mpg.  We believe the increased gas mileage was due to the installation of the DREAM 1. The car performed better and ran more smoothly.

- The DREAM 1 and 2 are made of steel and are ceramic coated inside and out.

- The DREAM 1 and 2 are a bolt on replacement of the stock exhaust accumulator.

- The stock mufflers remain in place.

- The DREAM 1 and 2 are designed and manufactured in America, using American materials   

- Warranty is replacement if failure is due to defects or workmanship. * Warranty is voided if DREAM is exposed to salt or other de-icing material.


DREAM 1 Available For:

- 2005-2008 Boxster, S

- 2006-2008 Cayman, S

- 2009-2014 2.9 Boxster & Cayman


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DREAM 2 Available for:

(While designed for the Gen II 3.4 S engines the DREAM2 will fit the same cars as the DREAM 1)

Gen II 2009-2015

Boxster S & Cayman S

All 981 Series cars


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