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The DREAM1 and DREAM2  exhaust components have been purchased by Boxster and Cayman owners throughout the United States and to date the following countries:

Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Israel, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden,  Switzerland, U.A.E. and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

 DREAM 1 Testimonials

"G’Day again, well I’ve probably done about 150 kms since putting the DREAM1 on and the car definitely feels more responsive-surprisingly so actually.  It seems to have less of a flat spot around 3500 rpm and seems to rev through past 6000 easier.  Sounds good as well maybe a little rortier when I get on the gas.Pretty happy with it so thanks very much!

Thanks again Jim-it seems to do what you said it would do and I appreciate the great service."

B. C., Australia


"The install was very straight forward if a little time consuming removing the old T-pipe and installing the DREAM1.  The result after driving a couple of hundred miles is great. I instantly noticed a throatier, slightly deeper, less raspy exhaust note.  This was my main goal.  No, you are not going to blow anybody's doors off; but it's a nice sound, a nice little power gain and no downsides for about $250.  I'm very pleased!"

                                                                          P. A., Iowa

 "Gotta say I am a believer! Got it installed on my Cayman S w/a tubi and wow. Not only did it take a bite out of the drone, it sounds awesome. Kudos for a fine product and one of the best customer experiences I've had."

                                                                         T. H., Virginia

"I bought my DREAM 1 last October. For a variety of reasons, it took me until this October to get around to installing it. I didn't expect anything, but to perhaps make my CS sound a little throatier and less like a sewing machine.

I installed it myself in less than optimal circumstances in my driveway/garage with only a floor jack and no help. Took me about three hrs, but I wasn't hurrying and allowed lots of time for the lubricant to loosen the header pipe nuts. Everything went back together as expected, though I did have to fight the DREAM 1 on a bit. No problems getting the tailpipe centered and staying that way.

Started the car and garnered some attention from the neighbor's as huge clouds of smoke emerged from the   car as it warmed up (that was all the WD-40 lubricant burning off). My neighbor who has an '08 Boxster wandered over and commented that it sounded throatier and asked what I did.

I also noticed that throttle response, particularly at low-end, is improved. Not enormously, but enough to notice, appreciate and enjoy!

Now I have close to 400 miles on the install and the sound has improved a bit more. I definitely notice the improved throttle response and acceleration. I am seeing about 2 mpg improvement vs. stock (combination of city, highway and back road driving).

I wish I had not delayed installing it for so long."

                                                                          M. I., Maryland

"Well to be honest I can't say there is a noticeable difference in sound (to me at least).  I can feel the engine breaths much better than before and it also revs faster and more freely.  It's like the engine now can really breath freely compared to what it did before the DREAM1 installation.

All of this has smoothed the engine especially at lower rpms, but when I say smoothed I don't mean I feel less power, quite the contrary I can feel more power coming sooner but with a smoother power deliver.  This alone made my DREAM1 acquisition very worthy and I got way more from it than I was expecting.  I'm really happy with the DREAM1."

                                                                           T. R., Portugal


"Results?   Well I only drove it couple of miles so far but the big improvement for me was actually at the high end of the RPMs.  My car, at about 5,500 RPMs really changes its sound (from what I hear on the inside) and goes from a smooth rev to a sudden raspy loudness.  Hard to describe.  But anyway, that transition point is now much smoother! I now feel like I could keep it in this range without difficulty before I wanted to either not go there or get through it quickly.  Big improvement for me. I'm really happy.  I can see no reason not to do this mod.  It just feels right and gets the fluid dynamics correct."

                                                                             B.S., California


"My impressions so far:

Sound: I can tell there is a different note to the exhaust. 

Power: There is definitively a power advantage along the numbers claimed (5hp).  Did a highway test on a secluded stretch of new highway which is hardly used by anyone.  Now I get about 6 mph more.

Recently (at the track) I was able to hold off a charging Evo IX in second and third gear, exiting a tight curve onto a straight.  I attribute this in part to the D.R.E.A.M.Y outlet.  I'm a very happy camper."

                                                                                   J.N., Chile


"Installed last night.  Could hear the sound difference right away.  It seems to knock some sharp tones down a little.  Drove into work (45 miles) this morning, I love it!  As far as performance, not noticeable.  I'm very happy with the speed and ease of purchase, it's the sound I was hoping for and I'm confident allowing the exhaust to escape a little easier is a good thing."

                                                                                   D.R., Louisiana


"I can say right off I noticed a difference in the sound.  It's not a huge difference, but the sound is definitely a little lower and throatier and even somewhat "breathy".  The higher up the rpm scale you go the nicer it sounds.  I had no argument with the stock sound, but the D1's sound is definitely pleasing.  It looks like I'm doing at least 2 mpg better than I was used to with the stock setup, maybe a little more.  Hard to say."

                                                                                   T. T., Maine


"I've had the 'DREAM1' on my car for about a month now.  My gas mileage did improve (about 2 mpg) and I still really like the improvement on the exhaust sound and performance.  This bolt-on part was well worth the money."                                                                  

                                                                                  T.W., California    


"Got the DREAM (thank you for the Express Delivery) and installed it. I have an after market Agency Power exhaust and my car is chipped out. The OEM exhaust tip was holding the entire package back. I drove the requisite miles to break it end, and when I came home my neighbor next door (who has a Vette) came out thinking I got a new car. He says it sounds "Throaty!" I let him jump in and rev it for my ears to listen and it sounds like the C5 I'm taking to Kabul next week!
Thank you all so much."

                                                                                   M.G., Virginia


DREAM 2 Testimonials      


"Installed the DREAM 2 on my '07 CS last night. The instructions were well written (thanks for the large font for those of us who don't wear their readers while turning a wrench) and very detailed. Took me two hours max. Net results i think are very nice. Much better appearance than the stock exhaust "box". The sound is very much improved without being too loud. Noticeable from behind and to a lessor extent in the drivers seat. The car seems to launch and breathe better. Could all be submittal but it definitely works for me. I recommend this product to CS owners."

                                                                                   H.H. Tennessee


"It was a real pleasure meeting you and thank you for installing the DREAM2. Maybe I'm imagining this, but the car is driving better. I mean it....it seems to be more responsive and faster"

                                                                                   S.B., California


"Fitted my Dream 2 to my Gen 2 Cayman S. The fitting went entirely to plan. Your instructions were excellent. The Porsche exhaust presented no problems at all, your supplied clamps were of excellent quality and everything fitted like a dream! It looks a whole lot better than the stock chrome tail pipes.

I've now done more than 100 miles since fitting and the result is absolutely brilliant! The improvement in sound is superb and the external finish and appearance of the Dream 2 is just great! That horrible tinny exhaust sound at idle on the stock item has been replaced with a lovely purposeful burble. On full throttle through the gears it sounds even better especially with the exhaust on the sport setting with the diverter flaps working. It's very worthwhile mod for the PSE system and my car defiantly seems more responsive on the throttle. I'm delighted I saw your advert on the Planet 9 website.

Many thanks for a great product and also your efficient purchase and dispatch service."

                                                                                   B.I, Scotland

"I purchased a dream 2 exhaust for my '11 base Cayman and I can honestly say two things!!

#1-The car does feel like it has more power and a faster response
#2- The car also feels a lot smoother from 1st gear to 6th gear

...and to top it all, it sounds great and to me it looks a lot better than the original exhaust!! Although my wife doesn't thinks so........but what does she know, she drives a BMW.

By the way, I am not affiliated to the product in any shape or form, just very happy with it and I thought I would post my opinion in case somebody is looking to change their exhaust pipe."

                                                                                   A. V., Texas